Decorative - Medium

Alloway Cottage

Blooms are of a pleasing Creamy Autumn Blend. Depth of the bloom could be a little more.


Argyle Ray

A good performer on the Show bench. Frequency of blooms can be a bit slow. Purple.


Barbarry Summit

Purple. Has a good show history, always in demand.



The clear yellow florets are tipped white. The level of tipping varies through the season.


Bracken Fanfare

A tall plant supporting good sized blooms of Autumn/Pink blend on excellent stems.


Bracken Sarah

One of the most consistent winners on the bench in all states. The Autumn blend can vary a little in colour depending on your location. Very reliable.


Brian R

This Purple was selected as Flower of the Year for NSW in 2014.

Easy to grow with plenty of blooms. Does not like the harsh Winkie weather but does well in the coastal areas.


Devon Ultimate

Dark Lavender with whitish edges. The white becomes very prominent as the weather gets warmer.


Formby Duke

Unusual Smokey Pink coloured blooms on a sturdy plant.

Grows easily to size.


Formby Supreme

One for the exhibitor, very easy to get to size on excellent stems. This is a good Yellow.


Hillview Iceberg

One of our reliable favourites. The White blooms start early in the season held aloft on great stems. Winner of many awards. One of the easiest mediums to Grow.


Kenora Firefighter

Recently from the USA this Bright Red does not fade as much as others in the severe heat. The more you disbud the better the stems.



Low plant with good stems. The quality White blooms are a stand out. Performs well all season.


Sylvia Craig Hunter

A very tall plant with heaps of unusual Burnt Orange flowers. The more you cut the more you get. Great for the exhibitor.


Winkie Anne

Named in the late 80's after Anne. White with a Cerise overlay. Winner of many awards. Does not like continued periods of rain, prefers the warmer conditions.


Winkie Cockerel

Medium. Cockerel is about eight years old. It was growing behind the "Chook-yard" in an old seedling patch. None of them looked too good so I dug them all out. This one must have been left & it continued to grow without water etc. for about six years. Then it was given to a friend. It grew very well in his yard so I had to get a bit back. It appears it will be a good addition to the Medium Class.


Winkie Helios

This Yellow/Gold demands attention from several metres away. Tall plant, good stems, yet to prove itself. Promising. Provides a focus point in the Garden - Plant it olong the Front Fence.


Winkie Rhubarb

The colour is interesting giving the impression of a bowl of Rhubarb & Custard. That is how it was described in the seedling patch, the name stuck. The blooms are held on excellent stems and are produced for the whole season.


Winkie Wanderer

Notes from the Canberra Trial Garden.

Medium /Large Decorative in Lilac Mauve colour. This cultivar was very rewarding from early season until we cut the last flower the day we lifted tubers. Never without flowers of good form on strong stems, if anything was too prolific and would most likely be even better with more control of laterals. No wonder this was top flower in the trials this year.