Ball Type


This Red has been proven Internationally, a good Ball. Floret count can be affected by the heat in Winkie. Generally a good performer & a standout in the garden.


Devon Holly

A good reliable back-up cultivar for the exhibitor. The Red blooms are supported on good stems.


Devon Safari

I have rated “Safari” as the yard-stick for Ball Types. The stems are good and the blooms are ever reliable. It is also a great seed parent for the breeder.


Glenmarc Burns

Red/Orange of good form. A great colour break bred by Alf Hardingham in Portland. The good sized bush is complimented with strong stems.


Glenmarc Rosalie

The Lavender/white blooms are very attractive and always attract attention. Stems are an asset.



Maroon, The well-formed blooms have good stems. A Stayer.


Le 'Ancresse

One of the golden oldies that is performing against all comers. The White blooms can have a Lavender flush when grown in the cooler coastal conditions.Previous Stock thrown out - Building up new Stock.


Ryecroft Laura

One of the best all season performers in the Winkie garden. The Yellow blooms are on excellent stems. A great colour break.


Winkie Arrow

A little slow to bloom but comes into its own from mid-season until late. The Red blooms have a good high centre on good stems.


Winkie Gladiator

Maroon with a White reverse is more than attractive. Form is excellent and the stems are an exhibitor’s delight.


Winkie Ingot

This one has been rated by several as a good Gold Ball. The vibrant colour makes this stand out in the garden. The stems are adequate but could be a fraction longer. 


Winkie Robot

Watermelon Pink/Red blooms are very close to the ideal Ball. Stems are very good. The florets breaking away from the centre form an excellent high centre. This is the best formed Ball Type in the Winkie Garden.


Winkie Rosella

Red/Yellow/Cream blooms with florets that may be too involute forming tubes, resulting in a gappy appearance. The centre is high; stems are great and will always feature in our breeding program.


Winkie Test Eagle

Scored very well in the Trial Grounds this last season. The long stems are supported by the 2 Mt plant that is easy to control. Form is an ideal Ball Form complimented with the pleasing "Honey colour". One of the first to bloom in the season & held up until the end of March. It also produces hepas of seed.