Bracken Lorelli

A Waterlily of good form. The Autumn/Pink blended blooms are on slim strong stems.



This Cream Waterlily was one of the first Waterlilies raised by Bill Tapley back in the late 70’s. The performance of this cultivar in our garden was just brilliant. It was good right through the heat this last season.



The Shell Pink blooms are the yardstick of the Waterlilies. Figurine is still in my top five Dahlias to grow. A gem to grow when you get good stock.


Granite Anne

A welcome introduction from Malcolm Balch in Stanthorpe. The Apricot blooms are appealing to visitors as well as the Judge.


Ken's Gold

This intense Yellow is a proven performer over the years. Still being noticed by the Judge. Building Stock for 2016.


Lotus Joy

A very old Bright Pink Cultivar that performs extremely well in the heat. The form is not exactly what the exhibitor requires. As a breeder one would be interested because it was one of the parents of “Figurine”.


Pam Howden

International winner. The Autumn blooms are a treat & very reliable for the exhibitor.


Wakefield Samba

Waterlily. A vibrant Red with a bright Yellow base. Performed well in the Trial Garden. Stems are excellent. Did fade a little with temperatures over 45C.


Winkie Barney

Autumn Peach blooms with good cupped florets. The thin stems are very Dark & very strong. The blooms stood the summer heat well. Named after a good friends old faithful Dog "Barney".