Winkie Dahlias has ceased selling dahlia tubers

Colour and Form quoted are as the dahlias grow in our garden.

Size is in accordance with the Dahlia Society of Australia standards.


Giants Over 260mm

Large 210mm – 260mm

Medium 160mm – 210mm

Small 120mm – 160mm

Miniature Under 120 mm

Ball Type 50mm - 120mm

Pompon Under 50mm

Waterlily, Collerette, Orchid, Stellar, Peony, Single – under 160mm

All tubers are of good quality. 
Cultivar descriptions are as they grow in our garden.

In some cases stocks are limited so early reservation is recommended.

Tuber orders are supplied in order of payments received. 

If we are unable to supply any variety asked for, it is customary for us to substitute a similar one, as good as, or better than the one named.

Refunds can be negotiated in lieu of substitution.

All tubers are guaranteed good, sound and to the best of our belief, true to name, at time of despatch. 

Occasionally damage occurs in transit, in which case advise us immediately on receipt of tubers.

Return the affected items ASAP and the product will be replaced.

No responsibility will be accepted for failure after planting.

Payment (including postage)
Receipts will not be mailed unless requested

Online via PayPal: - follow the prompts

Cheques payable to:- J. Menzel, Box 27, BERRI  SA  5343

Direct Deposit available on request

Postage and Packing Charges

One – Five Tubers                               $10.00

Six or more Tubers                              $15.00

Australia Post now has a parcel tracking facility enabling us to monitor the delivery process.

Correspondence to:
Mail:-  Winkie Dahlias , Box 27, BERRI  SA   5343