Glenbank Honeycomb

A rewarding cultivar to grow, producing quality blooms all season. One of our most successful Pompons.


Lismore Peggy

A blend of Pink/White giving a dusky affect. The long stems are held on a strong plant.


Margaret John

Apricot/Gold blooms are a profusion later in the season. Great cultivar for the later shows. This is one Pompon that does have a good amount of seed compared to the others.



I rate this as the best Pompon in the garden. It has won many awards for the "Winkie Stable". Stock is hard to keep for some.


Stoneleigh Joyce

Comes early with a hard centre but soon settles down on the second flush. The bright Vermilion Red blooms certainly stand out in the garden.


Woden Surprise

These bright Cerise blooms are displayed on excellent stems. A good cultivar for the Exhibitor.