Aitara Bronwyn

This tall growing cultivar has excellent stems supporting the lovely Salmon/Pink blooms.



White with dominant cerise tips. Winner of many awards & extremely popular with garden visitors.


Downs Red

A great reliable Red Fimbriated with a sturdy strong plant.

One of the Parents of "Winkie Volcano".


Glenmarc Philly Liz

The Pink/White blooms are appealing complimented with excellent form. The plant habit is good.


Higgo Lacey

One of the proven performers over the last twenty years. The Cream blooms have that lovely Fluffy appearance. Building up the Good Stock. Next season OK.



One of the exhibitors favourite cultivars. The Lavender/Pink blooms sit nicely at the correct angle on good stems. It was pleasing to see it Grand Champion at the SA State Show. Building Stock


Joy's Moonglow

Another tall grower with Salmon/Autumn blooms on strong stems. An ideal seed parent. Tuber keeping qualities are good.


Judith Taylor

Pink/Cream/Yellow Flushed blooms of great form. This was one of our earlier Winkie raisings that appeared in 1995. Winner of many awards and still performing.


Winkie Volcano

This Red created a lot of interest in the seedling patch. The first time exhibited it won its class at the 2014 Victoria State Show with an Award of Merit. Form is good, stems excellent and produces quality blooms all season. This last season it won the Fimbriated Championship at the Victorian Stae show and Champion Fimbriated at many other shows of the the whole of season.