From Around the Garden

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                                              Entertainment Area                           Collection of Seedlings 2011                                  "Ernie"

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                                  Garden in December                                   Garden in April                           Seedlings Marked Ready to dig

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The Green Plant Operation

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                                           Life Style Groups are regular Visitors                                      Storage Benches

Some of our Championship Entries

 Gallery Championship Melbourne 1.jpg  Gallery Championship Melbourne 2.jpg Gallery Championship Melbourne.jpg  

                             Melbourne 2012                    Vase of Show 2011                      Melbourne 2011

Gallery Championship Melbourne 3.jpg   Gallery Championship Melbourne 4.jpg      Gallery Championship Riverland 1.jpg

                     Vase of Show 2012                    Melbourne 2011                            Riverland 2010

Gallery Championship Portland 1.jpg  Gallery Championship Portland 2.jpg  Gallery Championship Portland 4.jpg

                             Australian Championship Portland               Portland 2006                Potland 2011

Gallery Championship Riverland.jpg  Gallery Championship Christchurch.jpg  Gallery Championship Canberra.jpg

              Riverland 2008                                    Christchurch                                                  Canberra 2013

Recent Winkie Raised Seedlings 2011


Seedling 309 1.jpg  Seedling 352 1.jpg  Seedling 146.jpg Seedling 227.jpg  Seedling 248.jpg  Seedling 232.jpg  Seedling 111.jpg Seedling 136.jpg  Seedling 131.jpg  Seedling 143.jpg  Seedling 180.jpg


Seedling 122.jpg  Seedling 329.jpg  Seedling 315.jpg  Seedling 204.jpg  Seedling 310.jpg  Seedling 102.jpg


Seedling 319.jpg  Seedling 138.jpg  Seedling 185.jpg  Seedling 147.jpg 


Seedling 304.jpg  Seedling 306.jpg


Seedling Waterlily 1.jpg  Seedling Waterlily 2 1.jpg

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