Jolon Negligee

This is a result of Loney Kennedy (USA) seed grown in Winkie. Jolon is a combination of John & Loney. The collar is a little on the short side and the pointed florets are not the ideal but very attractive in the garden. Great in a bouquet.


Nabiac Nitro

This fully reflexed Anemone is a striking Red with gold tipped tubes. Most unusual but attracts attention. Winner of the Peoples Choice section at Portland 2013. Now this one is Different, it cetainly creates conversation.


Winkie Daisy

This is one for those who like a basic flower, hence the name "Daisy". The stems are very good & the profusion of blooms all season make this a floral artists dream.


Winkie Lipstick

Champion Single at the Victorian State Show. Very challenging to keep stock. As the name suggests  the vibrant "Lipstick" coloured blooms stand out in the garden. Ideal to brighten up any corner. The stems are good and plant is strong. This one demands attention from any visitor. Looks good in an arrangement.


Woden Wonder Velvet

Maroon Red single blooms with an unusual centre. There is no particular class for this cultivar but it is very much a standout in the garden. Building stock