Cactus - Medium

Formby Karon

This Pink Semi-cactus grows brilliantly in some areas. In the heat it comes with a good number of “Pin-Petals.”


Glenmarc Mystery

A bright Pink with good form is well worth a try. It has a preference for coastal areas. Did not like the over 42C temperatures.


Glenmarc Snowflake

A very easy to grow White with great stems. A challenge to get good exibition blooms in a competitve section.


Hamari Accord

Raised by Pi Ensum in 1986 is now recognized as the best all round cultivar internationally. The Yellow blooms have won more awards than most.


Light Accord

One of the most exciting Cultivars to grow. It handles the heat well. Been shown once & was Champion Medium Cactus early in the season. The second flush was alittle while incoming & was brilliant for the rest of the season


Scarborough 2000

A very bright Red that is easy to grow to size. Some blooms are a challenge to get to the required angle.


Silver Gay

Gayner Parker’s 1984 introduction is still keeping up with the best. The White has a real sheen on the florets making it even more attractive. Stems are good.


Wakefield Anniversary

A most attractive delicate Pink & White making it a must in any garden. Winner of many awards in its short history.


Winkie Mark

This plant has very dark stems adding to its appeal with well-formed Autumn blooms.