Cactus - Small

Devon Caress

The Purple blooms stand out in the garden & are very competitive on the Show Bench. Performed well in the 2015 season featuring in our entries at most shows.


Devon Elegance

One of the best in its class. The Pink/White blooms are well formed on good stems. Only one problem it is one of the harder cultivars to keep over winter, it has to be dug & stored early.


Devon Odessey

Bronze with splashes & stripes of mahogany making it a standout for visitors to the Garden. Plant is near 2 Mt. with good strong stems.



One of Australia’s most successfully raised cultivar winning in all states and especially in NZ & the USA. The Apricot/Salmon is very easy to grow.


Gay Twinkle

The long stems support well-formed blooms of White/Lavender. A most attractive cultivar that performs very well on the Show Bench. Stock Limited because the tubers are very hard to keep. Keep the eyes open for 2016.


Gladys Johns

One of our best small Cactus at Winkie. The Purple is very easy to grow and stage. “Gladys” has won a lot of awards for us.


Karras 150

A very reliable White cactus in a very competitive Class.


Winkie Abha

A bright Yellow with a brilliant centre. Recurrence of blooming is a problem for the exhibitor. Form is very good. Been around since the late 80's & still performing


Winkie Crystobelle

An exciting one to grow. Plenty of blooms with great stems. The clear White will be a great competitor in the future. Plenty of blooms to choose from all season


Winkie Lisbon

If this Yellow has a problem it is it produces far too many laterals giving a massed display. If exhibiting de-branch severely for best results. When Double Stpped "Lisbon" comes down to a good Miniature.