Decorative - Giant

Devon Quest

Strong Plant with Lavender/White blooms on a good stem. Flowers for most of the season.



Huge White blooms on a tall plant. Plant has to be well supported. Rick Burns gained Grand Champion at the Shepparton Show.


Evelyn Rumbold

This one was raised by the late Brose Baynes of Barmera in the 50’s. The strong Purple blooms are a standout but the blooms tend to be a little shallow. Disbudding early gives excellent stems.


Formby Sovereign

Plant is low but produces very striking Gold blooms. Flowers well mid-season.


Glenmarc Endeavour

If you want a striking Yellow with good form this is the one. Plant habit is very upright producing good flowers on good stems. Tubers are large & should be sold by the Kilo.


Glenmarc Kadina

An Apricot/Pink Blend on a tall plant. Stands out in the garden.


Hamari Gold

This low plant produces quality Gold blooms. Received the best over 160mm at the 2014 Victoria Dahlia Society show against quality blooms.



Records show Regina was Best in Show in 1948. The Purple/Red blooms are still receiving awards to this day. Plant is approx. 1.2 Mt. high and is best mid-season. Best Bloom over 160mm at the Victorian State Championships -Exhibited by Rick Burns.


Winkie Colonel

The “Winkie Flagship” was raised in 1988. This giant has won us and many others numerous awards nationally. Quality blooms are produced for the full season.


Winkie Furnace

Tomato Red blooms are carried on a very tall plant. The colour alone demands attention in the garden. Depths of blooms are a little shallow and still to prove itself.


Winkie Whopper

A great surprise performer this season. Previously this cultivar did not rate very high on the list with me, BUT this season it produced some of the best Giant Blooms for the season. Next season may be different



A very easy cultivar to grow. Stems are excellent. "Zorro" is exceptionally good for the early season shows. Grows very easy to size.