Decorative - Miniature

Bracken Glenda

An excellent performer over the season. Won numerous Grand Champions in Qld  northern NSW. This picture was taken in the Winkie garden mid March during a heat spell.


Bracken Joan

Lavender blooms of class. Grand Champions at the 2014 Queensland State Show. Form is exquisite. Plant habit is ideal.


Bracken Nikolaus

One of the most reliable cultivars in the garden. Won best vase in Show in Melbourne two years in a row. The Purple blooms are there all season. One of the Best.


Brooks Josh

Pink. Bright & happy prolific flowerer on a good plant. The excellent stems are ideal for any arrangement.



This one is a conversation piece in your garden. The Yellow base is splashed & striped with Red.


Formby Art

The White heavily tipped Cerise blooms are most attractive. A good one for the exhibitor. Stems are brilliant.


Formby Pearl

The tall plant displays pleasing blooms of White/Lavender. Stems are good.



An attractive Pink/Cerise with a Cream base makes this an ideal cultivar for picking.


Lucia Clara

The Lemon florets have a very fine Gold tip creating a nice effect.

Flowers well later in the season due to it not liking the Winkie heat.


Painted Lady

An older introduction from the "Formby Stable" of White flushed Pink. A great Dahlia for all purposes. Stems are good on a taller plant.


Tegan Anne

Miniature. A very Dark Red stems on a tall plant. The bright Red blooms will be handy for both the exhibitor & for bouquets.


Winkie Athena

A Soft Pink with a blend of White, most appealing in an arrangement. Just a bit shallow for a top exhibition bloom, but does have sufficient depth. Stems are long.


Winkie Cavalier

Miniature. Expect this one to feature in a number of championship entries in the coming years. Bright Pink blooms that have a very fine White tip on the end of each floret. "Cavalier" was in the SA Championship entry this last season. Performed very well mid-season onwards. The plants will grow very wide if not pruned.


Winkie Kestrel

One of my favourites right from when selected in the seedling patch in 2010. The plant is strong producing quality deep Gold blooms on good stems.          Performed well in the 2013 Trial Grounds.


Winkie Pat

Has won a lot of awards in its short career. The Cerise over White blooms are displayed on a strong plant. Stems can be a little heavy if over fertilized. Grow with plenty of laterals. Grand Champion at the Enfiled Show (at the end of the season) Champion Small Decorative at Victorian State Show (Beginning of Season


Winkie Raven

As “Raven” opens it is the Darkest Maroon appearing almost black from a distance. The stems are excellent & plant height is approx. 2 Mt. Blooms early & continues all season.


Winkie Serenity

The bright Lemon blooms are very attractive on thin strong stems. A good back-up cultivar for the exhibitor & good one for a show in the garden.


Winkie Tuscany

If this one has a problem it is plant height, it can get to three metres if not pruned. The Gold blooms have good form on brilliant stems.


Winkie Watermelon

One of the most appealing blends of Pink/Yellow/Cream in the garden. Stems are brillaint on a strong plant. Stages exceptionally easily because the stems are so straight. Performed exceptionally well late in the season.