Decorative - Small

Bracken Palomino

A pleasing Milky Apricot Gold that attracts all comers. Blooms till very late in the season. Great form.


Devon Dazzler

The split florets gives this one an appeal complimented with the frosted whitish edge makes it an interesting on to have in the garden. Won the Peoples Choice at the 2015 Portland Show. Plant habit is tall with brilliant stems. Recurrent Bloomer.


Devon Mystique

The Lavender blooms are all winners. One of the best performers all season in the Winkie Garden. Champion Small Decorative & Vase of the Show at the SA Championships.


Devon Rubi

The brightest Vermillion Red one can expect on a Dahlia. Low plant but continually produces quality blooms


Down's Hazel

Raised by Ray Grant in the late 90’s. Form is excellent and the stems hold the Dark Red blooms brilliantly.


Kiara Dark Night

As the name suggests, very Dark Maroon blooms on a very tall plant.


Kiara Pompadour

This has been around for years & is still in the serious exhibitor’s collection. Reliable in all regions & conditions.


Le Batts Prime

A reliable English introduction from the 80’s. This Mauve over White is very appealing attracting a lot of comments. Still doing well on the show bench.


Leslie Freda

Pink blooms provide a good show. Blooms tend to be a little shallow.


Matthew Lea

White with an overlay of Lavender creating a misty effect. Stems are great making it a very easy cultivar to stage.



This came from England in the 80's. The lovely blooms have a blend of Autumn edged with a nice pink. Stems are good and long. A great addition to any garden.


Ryecroft Brenda 'T'

“Brenda” just does not like the heat in Winkie but does very well in the coastal regions. White flushed with Lavender. Very hard to keep a centre.


Shirley Francis

A Winkie origination named after Rodney Clarkes wife Shirley. White with a prominant Cerise centre as it opens.


Sophie Heinrich

A very Dark Red on a tall plant. Florets are quite involute but attractive. Stems are brillaint making it a pleasure to pick for bouquet.


Winkie Antarctica

Trial Ground Report - Runner-up in the 2014 Trial Grounds.

Is the starkest white that stands out even among white flowers. Plants were a little slow to make growth early but soon developed a pleasing bush. Form is very consistent being almost formal except for a sharp point on the end of each petal, stems were outstanding and this plant attracted much interest from visitors to the garden. One of this year’s more consistent plants.


Winkie Campfire

As the name suggests a number of colours in the Yellow, Orange, Pink and Autumn shades are similar to the dancing colours of the "Campfire Coals".


Winkie Chevron

Purist Pink blooms on a very sturdy plant with great stems. Plant can grow quite wide giving lots of blooms.


Winkie Director

Darkest Red blooms on a dark stem give a very striking effect in the garden. The quality blooms are displayed on excellent stems. Featured in the winning Championship at the Victorian State Championships. I rated this cultivar as close to the best performing cultivar for the whole season.


Winkie Nugget

Has been in several award winning entries in its short history. The prolific Gold blooms come early and continue all season. Stems are a dream.


Winkie Pat

Has won a lot of awards in its short career. The Cerise over White blooms are displayed on a strong plant. Stems can be a little heavy if over fertilized. Grow with plenty of laterals. Grand Champion at the Enfiled Show (at the end of the season) Champion Small Decorative at Victorian State Show (Beginning of Season)


Winkie Wisteria

One of our best Small Decoratives. The Lavender blooms are of excellent form & several have grown easily to medium. A treat to grow.

Grand Champion at the Kadina Show & featured in other winning Championsips.

A brilliant addition to the class.